December 2018

South Barrington Smart Home Control 4

Control 4 7" Touch Panel

Control 4 On Screen TV interface with Control 4 touch panel.


With Control 4 home automation systems you can control your  entire home from a single touch panel. Television control in a specific room or throughout. Automate your light with Control 4. Lower and raise the shades throughout the day to conserve energy. Adjust the temperature manually or automate it. Deploy water sensors throughout your home and receive alerts if there is a leak. You can even have an automatic valve shut down the water main. Music throughout your home all controlled from a single panel. And let us not forget security integration with full lights on and flashing scenarios in front of your home to alert the authorities

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Lake Forest Home Audio and Automation Control 4

Control 4 app

Control 4 iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone APP


Whole Home Audio and Automation Lake Forest, IL


Whole house audio distribution is a key part of entertainment throughout your home. Unfortunately, we see new homes built without any wiring at all for music throughout. A solid music distribution system requires speaker wiring pulled to a central location in your home. It can all be controlled via the Control 4 APP on your phone or tablets.

Music is available from many sources such as TuneIn Radio, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and higher quality streaming services from Deezer and Tidal. Our speaker selection options are vast from Origin Acoustics. Contact us today for your free in home consultation at 847.430.4871 or email us at info@omniaintegration.

Home Light Control Glencoe, IL Control 4

Control 4 Lighting Control iPad

Control 4 Home Lighting Contrrol Glencoe, Il


Home Automation and Lighting Control


We see it time and time again at Omnia. New home owners building a beautiful home and there is no lighting system. At Omnia we will work with your architect and builder from the ground up. There are many options for lighting control. If your building a new home you will be able to centralize your lighting system with only one keypad in each room. Or if you are remodeling then there are decentralized systems for you to enjoy! A lighting system will provide energy savings, security benefits, and many different ambiance settings! Having clutter on the walls is not aesthetically pleasing and also not functional. Contact Omnia Integration today at 847.430.4871 for your free in home consultation!

Home Lighting Control Glenview, IL Control 4

Control 4 Lighting Control

Control 4 Lighting Keypad

Home Lighting Control

Smart lighting control is very important for energy savings. This is the most important aspect of lighting control. Next, lighting control provides several ambiance settings throughout your home. You can set the lighting for entertainment, movies, energy savings and much more. It also adds additional security to your home. With our home automation partner Control 4 we can turn the lights on to 100% and flash the exterior lights when there is a security event. All of this can be controlled from your phone or iPad. Contact Omnia Integration today for your free in home consultation 847.430.4871!

November 2018

Control 4 and Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design

Home Theater with Control 4

Home Theater Design and Control 4


Home theater design trends continue to evolve. At Omnia Integration we can take you through the multiple design trends for home theater design. If you want to upgrade your existing  family room into a theater like environment we have the solution for that as well. If your building a new home and want to dedicate it for a home theater we can assist. Or if you request and media room with multiple televisions and screens there is also a solution for that.

All of this is controlled via the Control 4 automation system. The lights dim, the projector turns on, and the movie starts. The only thing that is missing is the candy and popcorn! Surround sound technologies have evolved over the past decade. A simple 5.1 channel surround sound system has evolved into a 9.2.4 channel Dolby Atmos or DTS-X system. We are here to navigate you through the ever evolving surround sound formats. Contact Omnia Integration today at 847.430.4871 or email us at

Control 4 Home Automation and Music

Control 4 On Screen Display

Audio Distribution

Music distribution in a home is one exciting aspect of entertaining. Omnia Integration provides whole house audio distribution design and installation services. As a Control 4 home automation dealer we will work with your builder and architect to properly design the wiring infrastructure. We will work with your team to properly layout the speakers in your home.

Control 4 provides whole house audio distribution. You can select from numerous music sources such as TuneIn Radio, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and higher quality streaming services from Deezer and Tidal. Amplification is provided by high quality  Triad amplifiers. Our speaker selection options are vast from Origin Acoustics. Contact us today for your free in home consultation at 847.430.4871 or email us at info@omniaintegration.



October 2018

Omnia 1U Service Plate

The Ultimate Control 4 Home Automation System

The Client Request

Our client approached us with one question. Can we wire a home built in the late 1800’s? The answer was YES. The Control 4 project started approximately nine months ago prior to the client moving in. The home was an existing structure with plaster and drywall. The first phase involved the pre wire stage where we retrofitted speaker wiring and Cat-6 wiring for the audio, video, and the network system. During the pre-wire stage we also secured the home with a fourteen camera network video recorder system. Phase two involved the trim stage where we installed the speakers and structured wiring plates. Finally, the project was completed in Phase three with final installation and programming along with client education.


Design and Pre-Wire Process

At Omnia Integration we pre-plan the entire layout prior to our site arrival. To be efficient during the pre wire process we lay down our trunk lines for the major wiring routes. Pulling all of the wiring together makes it a more efficient and cleaner process. All of the wiring is pulled back to the distribution closet. This is also known as the ‘home run’ closet. Incoming services such as internet, television, and phone converge are in this location along with the homes security and other sub systems.

Whole house audio video and network systems require a rack to store the equipment in. This provides clean wire management and serviceability.  Also, this provides proper ventilation of the equipment. In the proposal design stage we lay out the AV rack. It is very important to have proper thermal dissipation in the rack and also in the closet or room that it is store in.

Rack Drawing

Early Design Stage Rack Drawing


Control 4 Installation and Programming

A Control 4 system design in a large home can get quite complex. When there are over 120 dimmers, keypads, and switches a proper Zigbee network will need to be designed and implemented. The Zigbee network allows for the communication between Control 4 remote controls and lighting components. Deploying a Zigbee network is completely different with a small project deployment. Unfortunately, we see a lot of incorrect Zigbee mesh network deployments in this field. Omnia Integration is happy to consult and assist in designing your whole house system. Below are images of the final phase of the project.

AV Rack completed

Omnia AV Rack completed.


Omnia 1U Service Plate

Omnia Integration Illuminated Service Plate

Control 4 Touch Panel

Six Control 4 Touch Panels throughout the home.

Kaleidescape Movie Server

Two Kaleidescape Terra Movie Servers with two Strato Players.

EA3, EA1, Wattbox Reboot

Every Television in the home has full remote reboot access along with the Control 4 Processors in the room

Sunbrite TV

Sunbrite Outdoor 4K TV

In-wall speakers

Home Theater Speakers from Origin Acoustics

Sub System Integration

Sub System integration with Control 4 deploys the full power of home automation. For example, in this system we have integrated the following:

  • Fourteen cameras with a network video recorder (NVR).
  • Sprinkler system integration.
  • Over twenty-four flood sensors and two main water shut off valves.
  • Two Control 4 door stations.
  • Homes security system.

The heart of this automation system requires a state of the art home network system which we provide as the foundation. Most importantly, we provide remote assistance for our clients with power management and network access to assist in case of a system disruption. We even provide remote modem and router reboot access automatically and for the customer to control. More on how we do this at this here (Omnia).


Control 4 Front Door Entry Doorbell

ADT Alarm Page

Control 4 Alarm page

Control 4 Water Valve and Sensors

Water Valve and Sensors. Water Valve closes when water is sensed. Alerts sent!


SkyDrop Control 4 integration

View your sprinkler system data via your Control 4 System


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August 2018

Control 4 Security Arm PAge

Security Systems Integration at Omnia Integration with ADT

Traditional Home Security

The integration of security systems in homes has been fairly simple. Due to the fact that most home owners purchase a basic security system package and do it themselves. Or they pay a monthly fee to monitor their homes and have it installed by a security professional. When the alarm goes off it usually takes 60-90 seconds to get the call. The Siren is the only aspect of the alarm system going off in the home. Furthermore, this will either scare the burglar or they will continue with the smash and grab. Hence the traditional alarm system is dated. Omnia integration has partnered with ADT Custom Home Services to improve upon security integration in our homes.

Integration of Home Automation and ADT Security

Omnia Integration has partnered with ADT Custom Home Services, for the reason that security is more than the siren going off. In contrast to traditional systems, integrating it with a Control 4 Automation system changes everything. Automating the security event is very important to deter the burglar from entering the home. Due to the fact that we make all of the Control 4 lights in the home go on to 100%. Next, we flash the exterior lights. This allows the police to see the distressed home. As a result of the security event, “Intruder Alert” is played at a high volume through the speakers. Subscribing to Control 4 – 4 sight services allows you to receive the notification on your phone. Several images below on one of our recent project integrations. Contact Omnia Integration today for your free consultation.



Control 4 Security Arm Page

Control 4 Security Arm Page


Most noteworthy is the security system can be armed from the Control 4 app in your home or remotely.


ADT Security Integration with Control 4

Control 4 Alarm Security Arming Page

The Control 4 application shows status of all of the security zones in your home. For example. windows and doors open or motion events.


ADT Security Integration with Control 4

Control 4 Zone Page for Security Integration


History feedback is important to see past events. Below you will see the events that have happened.

ADT Security Integration with Control 4

Control 4 History Page for Alarm

Primary Control 4 page. You can see the security button in the lower left hand corner.


ADT Security Integration with Control 4

Control 4 Main Page


Control 4 Touch Panel

Intercom Anywhere from Control 4

Control 4 Intercom Anywhere

Control 4 has been at the forefront in revolutionizing home entertainment and  automation systems. Now they have introduced a cutting edge whole house intercom system. Via Control 4 in-wall or wireless touch panels you can communicate with your family members. One of the neat aspects of this communication system is that you can dial in from your phone! Yes, your phone! The video below shows the full capabilities of this wonderful system.




The best home communication system on the market?

We have tested many door station systems at Omnia Integration. Many door communication system companies have tried to perfect the art of digital door stations. Mostly they use an app on your phone to pick up a door bell event and communication with the person at the front or side doors of your home. Unfortunately, with poor Wi-Fi connectivity in most homes the experience fails at the APP. Control 4’s door station on the other hand is hard wired via Ethernet. It is solid and robust when it comes to a doorbell event executing.

Once the doorbell is pressed the Control 4 touch panels on the wall or the wireless models will ring. Now for the first time it will also ring on your phone or tablet via the new APP. Furthermore, we can also play the doorbell event through the speaker system in your home. If the music is playing it will pause, the door bell event will play, and then the music will continue. One final note, with the new application you can have individual users added in which you can communicate with.  Contact Omnia Integration today for your free in home consultation.


Wireless Control 4 Touch Panel intercom

Control 4 touch panel intercom


Surround Sound Integration Done Right!

Surround Sound Calibration via Audyssey

Many surround sound receivers do not get calibrated properly. Most surround receivers today come with some sort of auto calibration technology built into them. One of the more advanced calibration software techniques is from a company by the name of Audyssey. Popular receiver brands such as Denon and Marantz incorporate this technology.


Audyssey Calibration via on screen menu

The Problem?

It may be the end user who is installing it and is not aware of the calibration software, but on most occasions we notice professionals have installed the AV receiver and it is not calibrated. On all of our installations we calibrate the surround sound system using the supplied Audyssey microphone. This allows for balanced levels, distance calculations, and proper bass management. Furthermore, if the surround sound is not calibrated the system will sound terrible. As a result, the primary viewing area will sound muddy and the bass will flutter and not achieve dynamic impact. Most noteworthy, is that the Audyssey system allows from 8 to 32 locations of calibration and the system itself will provide the equalization. Therefore the primary seating location and this location will be calibrated and equalized for the best sound!


How do we calibrate?

For most installations we start off by properly laying out and installing the surround sound speakers and correct sub woofer locations. There may be more than one sub woofer, so it is imperative to have the correct placement. It also depends on the room size, furniture, windows, etc. With our home theater speaker partner Origin Acoustics, the first step is to calibrate the sub woofer with its built in EQ. More on this technology next week! After the sub woofer is calibrated we start the auto calibration from Audyssey. We then manually go in and very that the bass management is correct, crossovers are set correctly, distances and levels are correct.

Audyssey Mic

Audyssey Calibration Microphone


Contact Omnia Integration today for your free Home Theater and Home Automation Design Consulation



Control 4 Navigator

Control 4 Pool and Spa Integration Deer Park, IL

Integrate your Pool and Spa with Control 4

If you own a home with a pool then it is possible to integrate your pool and spa. Control 4 integration not only allows for having secondary control of your pool. You can control the lighting system as well. Most pool controllers like Pentair allow for basic integration with your pool.  The Control 4 application can pull up the pools pump and temperature controls. It can also control your pool lights.


Pool Control integration with Control 4

Pool Control integration with Control 4


On Screen Control 4 Pool Control Integration

On Screen Control 4 Pool Control Integration

Automating with Control 4

Many people who own pools can simply control the lights and pumps with their respective pool control apps. However, when we integrate the pool controller with Control 4 this allows a deeper integration. First it centralizes control for all of your houses systems such as audio, video, cameras, shade control, and pool control all within the Control 4 application.

An automation sequence can be turned on with a push of a button on a Control 4 keypad. For example, after a lighting sequence is activated the outdoor television can turn on and go to your favorite channel. Music can start playing throughout the Omnia Integration designed outdoor landscape system and possibilities are endless. There are many ways of automating your backyard entertainment.

It is important to note that the pool system controller must be set up by the pool company. The Control 4 system only sees the data provided by the pool controller. There is a interface device that is required to make it work with the Control 4 system. It does not directly change any of the original programming or settings set forth by the pool company.

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Pentair Pool Integration with Lights and Cleaner

Pentair Pool Integration with Lights and Cleaner

Pentair Spa Control Integration with Control 4

Pentair Spa Control Integration with Control 4

Outdoor Landscape Systems for Backyard Entertainment

Back Yard Entertainment Done Right

For many years outdoor audio in our backyards have been restricted to a pair of speakers mounted outside on the back of the home. The sound quality of a pair of speakers emanating sound into open air frankly sounds terrible. At Omnia Integration we provide landscape audio systems to provide unparalleled sound quality for backyard entertainment. When coupled with a Control 4 system for music playback the experience is truly stunning.

Landscape Speakers

With our outdoor speaker integration partner we provide seamless audio throughout the backyard. The speakers are placed on spikes in the ground between the flowers and bushes. There are many option to mounting these speakers. For example, your Chicago homes roof deck can have the speakers mounted to the deck.

TruAudio LandScape Speaker

TruAudio LandScape Speaker


If you have a pool the sound quality is stunning at ear level. Normally, the sound is pointed back to the house structure. This increases the quality of sound. Sound reflects off of your home providing a mini-concert like feeling. There is one other important aspect to complete the speaker system and that is the in ground sub woofer.


TruAudio LandScape Speaker

TruAudio LandScape Subwoofer being buried.


TruAudio LandScape Speaker

TruAudio LandScape Subwoofer with Mushroom Cap.

The sub woofer is buried in the ground and the only visible aspect of the unit is the mushroom style cap where the bass pressure protrudes from. With the proper design of your landscape speaker system, several zones can be deployed throughout your backyard. For example, the fire pit, pool, and patio deck can all be separate zones. The combination of multiple landscape speakers with one to several sub woofers provides uniform sound throughout your backyard. In fact, you can enjoy music at much lower volume levels. When you do decide to turn up the volume the landscape system provides a concert like quality sound in your backyard.

The Music

All of this is controlled via the Control 4 Entertainment and Automation System. By simply using your phone or iPad you have complete control of the system. You simply select patio in the Control 4 application. Select your desired music application and play the music. It is as simple as that! Contact Omnia Integration today for your free consultation.


Control 4 APP


Control 4 Music App

Control 4 Music Genre Selection



April 2018

70V Episode Speakers

Commercial Audio Systems with Microphones

Commercial Audio Systems

Commercial Audio systems in a public place are very important for providing entertainment and communication with guests. Adding microphones to the audio distribution system takes the experience to the next level.  If you own a restaurant or bar, then it is important to provide proper audio distribution throughout your establishment.

Music Distribution in Commercial Audio Systems with Microphones

Many restaurants and bars deploy music using standard amplification practices. We integrate commercial audio systems using an amplifier that can not only playback music, but it can also mix in multiple microphones. For example, if you have a large guest or party room you may playback music. Next, you may choose to use a lapel microphone to amplify someones voice. A second person can use a microphone as well and this can be mixed in together. In essence, a presenter can use the lapel microphone, while the hand held microphone is being passed around the room.

Remote Service for Commercial Audio System.

At Omnia Integration we deploy the OVRC remote assistance hardware and software in our networking solutions. Visit this link on our website to read more about this technology!

Award Winning Service

We pride ourselves in customer service excellence. From laying the ground work with the proper network in all of our residential and commercial systems to remote servicing and follow up. Omnia Integration has earned the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service award for 2017.


70V Episode Speakers Microphones

70V Pendant Speakers

UHF Microphone receivers for each Microphone. Microphones

UHF Microphone receivers

Rack View of Small Commercial-Audio. Microphones

Rack View of Small Commercial System

Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance Systems at Omnia

Luma Surveillance Cameras

At Omnia Integration we work with the best surveillance cameras in the industry. These are affordable high quality 4 mega pixel cameras with built in heaters to endure the cold Chicago days and nights! The system can be viewed on a Luma Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Luma Network Video Recorder

Record the important surveillance video content to the network video recorder (NVR), and provide this vital video information to the police! We will also update the storage capacity of the NVR based on your recording needs. The video content can be accessed from your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Computer, and television. The system can also be integrated with our Control 4 home automation solutions!

Remote Service

The Luma NVR camera system has built in remote servicing capabilities. At Omnia Integration we deploy the OVRC remote assistance hardware and software in our networking solutions. Visit this link on our website to read more about this technology! Luma Cameras provide the peace of mind to protect your family and home.

Contact Omnia today for your free in home consultation to protect your family and home!



Luma Surveillance Cameras

Luma Camera

Luma Surveillance Cameras

Dome Camera


Luma Surveillance Cameras

Dome Cameras

February 2018

Control 4 CA-1 Smart Home Controller

Control 4 CA-1 Automation Controller

Control 4 CA-1 Automation Smart Home Controller

Control 4 has introduced a new smart home automation controller to bring subsystem control to your home. Interacting with one application to control you locks, lights, and thermostat provides t he best overall experience. When interfacing with so many smart technology devices, consumers are soon realizing the difficulty in making smart home devices work together with multiple applications.

If you are building a new home, then adding the Control 4 CA-1 Automation Controller will provide the fundamental basis for whole house integration of smart devices. The benefits of adding this controller will be felt immediately. You can save on energy by controlling your lights and thermostat. Integrating it with your security system provides a secondary layer of comfort.

Builders can also implement this affordable controller into model homes and production units. You the homeowner then can decide on expanding the system to incorporate audio and video distribution throughout the home. Ask your builder to work with us to provide a complete solution for your low voltage wiring needs.


Control 4 CA-1 Automation Controller

Control 4 CA-1 Automation Controller


What can the Control 4 CA-1 controller do?

There are many different ways to implement this controller in your home, it does not have to be part of your audio and video systems. This is a great way to bring smart home technologies into your home. You can arm and disarm your alarm system, control your thermostat, open and close shades, lock and unlock doors, and much much more!

  • Lock and unlock your doors with the Control 4 APP.
  • Control your lighting system.
  • Create lighting scenes.
  • Integrate with your alarm system.
  • Control your shades.
  • Control your thermostat.
  • Integrate with Amazon Alexa and use voice scenes to automate your home.

Omnia Integration is a member of CEDIA. Contact us today for a free in home consultation.

Omnia Integration Receives Authorized Gold Dealer 2018

Control 4 Authorized Gold Dealer 2018

Omnia Integration has received gold dealer status for 2018. We would like to thank our clients and our partner Control 4 for making this possible. Working with your architect and builder from the beginning is of utmost importance. Building your new home and laying the down the foundation for low voltage integration is just as important as the other mechanicals, such as electrical, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing. Contact Omnia Integration today for your free in home consultation! We are a member CEDIA .

Omnia Integration Control 4 Authorized Gold Dealer 2018


Introducing the Kaleidescape Movie System

Consuming content is changing in so many different ways. A big part of content distribution is watching movies via audio visual systems in our homes today. Kaleidescape has been at the forefront of movie content distribution for many years. In the beginning, we had VHS and BETA tapes, then we moved onto DVD and Blu-ray movies. Blu-ray movies gave us the ability to watch movies in the high definition resolution of 1080p. Then we started streaming movies  and sacrificed quality. Recently, the industry moved toward 4K UHD HDR movie content with a whopping resolution of 3840x2160p. HDR provides a wider color gamut, the colors are more vivid,  and the overall brightness of a 4K UHD HDR movie are stunning!

The Kaleidescape Cover Art Menu

Kaleidescape, Cinema One, Terra, Encore, UltraViolet, Movies Anywhere

Kaleidescape Cover Art Menu


The Kaleidescape system offers movies to be downloaded onto the system in your home. It is a bit for bit perfect copy of a Blu-ray disc or 4K UHD HDR blu-ray disc. The movies feature state of the art Dolby Digital TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and even Dolby Atmos. Via the Kaleidescape movie store, you can download movies to the server. Partnering with Ultra Violet movie consortium, the majority of your online movies with the UltraViolet movie license will populate over, if they are also present in the Kaleidescape store! There is also a disc to digital program to convert a lot of your movies to digital.

Kaleidescape, Cinema One, Terra, Encore, UltraViolet, Movies Anywhere

Play certain famous chapters of a movie instantly!


The system is even more powerful when integrated with a Control 4 home automation system. You can create a simple script to play movie trailers before the movie, then open the movie theater screen curtains, dim the lights and play the movie instantly with no menus! It is a powerful new way to enjoy watching movies in your home. With the possibility of physical discs becoming obsolete, Kaleidescape is at the forefront of bringing Hollywood movie magic into your home! Contact Omnia Integration today to learn more!

Kaleidescape, Cinema One, Terra, Encore, UltraViolet, Movies Anywhere

Access movies that are paused or from your favorites!

January 2018

Omnia Integration Receives 2017 Super Service Award

Omnia Integration Earns Esteemed 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service


Mount Prospect, IL 1.17.18 – Omnia Integration is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List in 2017.

“The service providers that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award demonstrate the level of excellence that members have come to expect,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros are top-notch and absolutely deserve recognition for the trustworthy and exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year and overall.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2017 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include maintaining an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade and review period grade. The SSA winners must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check, record a current trade license attestation and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

We are very honored to receive this high honor. We will continue to provide the best in home automation design and installation services. Omnia Integration will uphold  its high standards of customer satisfaction for 2018 and many years to come!

Omnia Integration has been listed on Angie’s List since 2016. This is the 1st year Omnia Integration has received this honor.

Service company ratings are updated continually on Angie’s List as new, verified consumer reviews are submitted. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in multiple fields ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

For over two decades Angie’s List has been a trusted name for connecting consumers to top-rated service professionals. Angie’s List provides unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.





We are a family owned business who strive to provide the best customer service experience from the beginning of your Audio Video Design project. And to continue our relationship with you through the years! Our relationship with you does not end at the end of the project.

Our company is a member of CEDIA, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. Combining our core values with that of the CEDIA, our goal is to provide a seamless process of design and integration for your home!





Contact us at 800.805.7116 or 847.430.4871 and via Visit us at


November 2017

Control 4 Home Automation Retrofit Project, Winnetka, IL

Well, just take a look at the before and after photos for this project, and it explains our process of designing and deploying a modern system! The client’s “existing” 15 year old system was completely removed. The centralized wiring location was extended and moved to another closet at their request. All of the lines were tested and extended. This home automation system features Control 4 home automation, Audio and Video Distribution, Lighting Control with over 90 loads, 7 thermostats, 4 touch panels, door station, and on screen display’s in every room, finally enterprise class networking at affordable prices points with  remote management of the network and power.


Removal of old cabinet racks and wiring

Wiring cut and removed.


All cleaned up and moved over to mechanical room.


Every television features an Control 4 EA-1 and Wattbox remote power management.


Four touch panels located throughout the house for direct system access.


Front Doorbell Station


Front Door Station on Touch Panel

Omnia wiring all tested and labeled.


Outdoor Wireless Access Point. Outdoor Wi-Fi!

Completed AV Rack

October 2017

Control 4 Home Automation Project Highland Park, IL

What do you do when you move into a large new home and it is wired for home automation? Hopefully, you contact Omnia Integration first for a free consultation to design and implement your new automation system.  This particular project consisted of whole house Audio Video Distribution, enterprise class networking, lighting control, and remote controls where applicable.


On Screen Display for Control 4 System


All of the audio visual equipment reside in a rack located at the heart of the home in the mechanical room. Incoming internet services come into this room and our networking equipment is integrated in the same rack! The cable boxes are centrally located in this rack to provide video distribution throughout the home. There is no need to have cable boxes in every room. Audio is amplified throughout the homes 16 zones of audio. Control is via any Control 4 iOS or Android APP or handheld remote control. As you can see in the image below you can also control the system via the onscreen menu on select television or all if you wish to implement that as well. Contact Omnia Integration today for your free consultation.


Control 4 Processor


Audio Visual Rack



Omnia Integration at the Forefront for Remote Assistance

At Omnia Integration we provide our clients with the best in remote access and management. The screenshots detailed below are from many of clients showing examples of current network system status. There are many companies out there that provide this type of solution for Audio Video firms such as ourselves. However, we have extensively tested them all. The one we selected provides the best in remote management. We monitor all systems. When a router locks up our system automatically reboots the router or modem or any devices that is set for auto reboot. These devices after all are mini computers and they occasionally lock up and need a reboot. Other than the automation aspect of the system, we get alerts when critical systems components go offline. When this happens we have many remote tools at our disposal such as rebooting power outlets remotely or Ethernet ports on a network switch. All of our systems are set up with VPN access for our clients and for us (with the permission of the client) to remotely log in an service our clients. Do not select an AV firm without this capability. It causes frustration for you the home waiting weeks on end for a service call. Most issues are resolved remotely. Contact Omnia Integration today for a free consultation!


Monitoring Primary Internet components. Also providing remote firmware updates.

Monitoring all critical devices in our system designs. You will notice one item was unplugged by the maid by accident!


Remote power management and UPS system status.

Speed tests provide crucial details on system up time and downtime and other issues.

Reserving IP addresses so that when a router reboots the IP’s stay intact. Very important for automation systems.



House of Worship Sound System

At Omnia Integration we do not only deploy systems in residential environments, we also work with businesses, houses of worship, conference rooms, etc. On this particular project the client requested amplification of sound during church services. We deployed powerful 70 volts speakers and coupled it with hand held microphones along with lapel microphones. The sound was balanced and mixed between all microphones and sources. The system is expandable to include additional amplifiers and microphones when needed. Contact Omnia Integration today for your free consultation.

70 Volt 8″ Speaker #2

Audio Rack.

70 Volt 8″ Speaker



September 2017

Amazon Echo & Dot integration with Control 4

At Omnia Integration we want to be at the forefront of smart home integration. We now offer Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot integration with Control 4 systems. This feature has been available for almost a year. We recently deployed it in several systems after testing it extensively. However,  anything with voice control can be tricky. We decided to keep it simple! For example, when you walk into your family room you can simply state “Alexa, turn on TV.” This will turn on the television to the default video source such as cable TV. Or you can say ” Alex, turn on Apple TV.”

The next step in voice control integration is creating a scene. A scene for example can include turning on the TV, setting a light level, locking the door, and setting the temperature. That scene can be stated by ” Alexa, turn on movie night!”. The possibilities are endless.


Doorbird Integration with Control 4

At Omnia Integration we now integrate Doorbird entry systems. The doorbell integrates with the existing speakers throughout the entire home when coupled with the Control 4 home automation system. For example, when somebody rings the doorbell it will play the doorbell tone through the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers throughout the home. If music is playing, the automation system will mute the music and play back the doorbell tone.

Your existing doorbell can be removed and the new Doorbird doorbell can be installed in its place. Most builders do not pull the correct wiring to the doorbell locations for more feature rich doorbell stations such as the Doorbird. However, if a category 5 or 6 cable exists, then the doorbell can be powered via network switch. Hard wiring is always best when compared to Wi-Fi. When coupled with Control 4 automation system via the in wall 7-inch or 10-inch touch panel. A doorbell event will show the video of the front door bell station on the video wall touch panel. Many other automation events can be triggered via the doorbell as well. For example, a door lock can be opened, a lighting scene can execute, the possibilities are endless. Contact, Omnia Integration today for your free consultation.

July 2017

“My Builder’s Got a Guy!”

“My Builder’s Got a Guy”…. With all due respect to builders they do not know much about low voltage. In fact, they skip it 75% of the time. Builders are professionals in building homes and working with the three primary mechanical’s. And these are the electrician, the plumber, and the HVAC professional. Not the LOW VOLTAGE and HOME AUTOMATION professional! The 4th mechanical in our opinion is low voltage. Many times we arrive at a newly constructed home that has not been wired correctly or without a design vision. The home builder asks their electricians to pull the wiring. Electricians do high voltage wiring throughout the home. Not low voltage. Yes, they can pull the wires but 99% of the time it is done incorrectly. The wrong wires, the wrong lengths, the wrong locations.

Control 4 System Installation Highland Park, IL

Technology is constantly changing and it is our trade and our responsibility to stay on top changing trends. We take the time to discuss your goals  and design systems to fit your needs.  We recommend that we are the sole party wiring your home for low voltage. Because it is the plan we put together and it is our responsibility to make sure it is done correctly.  We know building a new home or remodeling is about getting the project done correctly and on schedule.  If things aren’t done correctly the first time, it slows down everyone involved and delays you moving into your home.  Just because your builder doesn’t work with a professional doesn’t mean you don’t have to.  It is ultimately going to be your home and you decide who to work with.

The Outdoor TV Project

This was an interesting project! A simple project of hanging an outdoor TV on the wall on the roof deck of a home in Chicago. I am sure Dryvit technology is great and provides insulation on the exterior of a home, but when the builder decides to pre-wire for a television location and not reinforce the wall with wood, that is where the saga starts. Dryvit is a Styrofoam like product on the exterior of the building. If you apply a little pressure with your hand it flexes in. There was no safe way a 100 lb outdoor Sunbrite television can be installed. The studs were not detectable behind multiple layers of drywall and cinder block behind the Dryvit construction. One more note to all the builders out there. Pull  more than one Cat-6 please!

Outdoor weatherized ceiling mount from Sunbrite.

The client called numerous contractors and the builder with no assistance what so ever. We had originally asked for someone to reinforce the wall by cutting out the dryvit and building it out with wood. Since this was a roof deck and there could be water issues, we asked for a Dryvit professional to take over for the reinforcement. Unfortunately, no one wanted to help our client. We came back in, reinforced the overhang area of the outdoor deck, and installed the television via a weatherized ceiling pole mount from Sunbrite.

Sunbrite Outdoor TV wall mounted with Origin Outdoor speakers.

In the following picture you will notice that the speakers may be off center. Well, the builder decided to put the light fixtures not equidistant and lopsided. We reinforced the speaker locations. The television is centered on the wall. The speakers are level and centered to the television. The existing outlets were replaced with fully sealed outdoor enclosures.


Sunbrite TV ceiling mounted with Origin Acoustics speakers flanking TV.





June 2017

Control 4 Smart Home Chicago, IL

On this particular project to fulfill the client’s request, we had to make several modifications to the builders pre-wire. First, the centralized wiring was pulled into a closet by the builder. However, whomever pre-wired the home assumed several components were going to reside on single shelf in a closet! Well, with modern home audio distribution and automation systems, the majority of the components are installed in an audio visual rack! This provides proper wire management and labeling, ventilation via a fan installed in the rack, and easy serviceability when required.  We pulled the wiring down through the wall and extended into the audio visual rack below this shelf.

Front facing view of completed audio visual rack.

Next, most of the Internet service providers loan a modem with Wi-Fi built in. In larger homes, Wi-Fi in a closet is a bad idea. We moved the wiring out of the closet and installed it in the ceiling. Wi-Fi was tested on the outer fringes of the homes perimeter and the signal was very good achieving broadband speeds throughout the home.

Control 4 amplifier centrally located in closet AV rack.

Now that we had the fundamental basis of an audio visual rack installed with proper Wi-FI and network deployed, it was time to move on to installing the speakers throughout the home and surround sound system. Unfortunately, single blank plates we covered over the speaker wire locations in the ceiling instead of circular speaker templates. We cut out the drywall to accommodate the in-ceiling speakers.

In-Ceiling Speakers for surround sound system by Origin Acoustics



The Subwoofer, Enjoy that Movie Soundtrack!

In the age of soundbars and wireless speakers with lower quality sound, movie fans are no longer enjoying the dynamic bass the film makers intended us to hear. Yes, it is true that the majority of soundbars come with subwoofers, but the dynamic impact of a five speaker plus subwoofer system cannot be reproduced in a soundbar. If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, do not forget to dedicate one of your rooms for family entertainment.

Deploy a minimum of five speakers plus a subwoofer. Three speakers for the front three channels and two for the rear. These can be bookshelf, in-wall, or in-ceiling. Add a subwoofer to take advantage of the LFE (Low Frequency Effects) the director intended us to hear. Fire up the system and playback the movie in its original Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack. This is only the beginning as there are many different surround sound formats and speaker configurations. Omnia Integration is a product partner of Original Acoustics speakers and subwoofers. And if the floor standing subwoofer is not aesthetically pleasing, then we are happy to incorporate an in-wall subwoofer!


Floor Standing Subwoofer from Origin Acoustics

May 2017

Centralize Your Music Distribution

We live in a wireless world of Wi-Fi and many other wireless technologies.  Frankly, wireless does not play well in a super saturated wireless environment. There are use cases for wireless music devices in older homes where it is difficult to pre-wire speaker wires, or in a rental unit such as a condo or apartment. But if you home is pre-wired with speaker wire then use it! If you are building a new home do not just opt for a couple cable TV wires the builder wants to sell you. Ask for speaker wire distribution. Wire your home with SPEAKER WIRE!  Centrally locate a single amplifier and couple it with good quality in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. There is no need to have physical wireless speakers throughout your connected home.

Control 4 amplifier centrally located in closet AV rack.